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If you like the flavour of what you see here, get in touch with the team to book Nicola as a guest writer, coach, mentor or enigmatic speaker…


Whilst Nicola is happy to work on bespoke presentations (schedule permitting) her ready-prepared keynote topics include:

  • Hacking the Human Brain
  • AI Driven Cyber Defences
  • The Nightmare on Cyber Hygiene Street
  • The Future of Autonomous Mitigation
  • All the Voices at the Table
  • Women in Cyber
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • The Art of Persuasion and Neuromarketing
  • Strategic Trust-Based Selling


To ensure a fast and efficient response to your enquiry – where possible, please provide a short overview of the piece of work you’d like Nicola to undertake, along with the date or deadline and location details.

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