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A neurodiverse woman in cyber – Nicola is an experienced Chief Operations & Strategy Officer with a strong history of working in Cyber Security / Information Security. Respected by many for her business strategy, Nicola has led Titania, the company she now co-owns, from ambitious start-up to the multi-million pound, award-winning company it is today: in less than a decade.


An advocate for Autism and Women in Cyber, Nicola provides government level advice on Diversity and is Worcestershire’s Commissioner for the UK Cyber Science & Innovation Audit. Nicola is also on the Advisory Board of BetaDen – an innovative new accelerator programme and 5G testbed for tech entrepreneurs based in the Malvern Hills Science Park.


Nicola is regularly asked to write for publications such as The Huffington Post, Defence Contracts Bulletin, Defence News Online and Signal. She is also an engaging public speaker who is often asked to deliver keynotes and contribute to panelist discussions at security conferences around the world.


In 2017 Nicola was named by SC Magazine as one of the Top 20 most influential women working in cyber security. She was also revealed as an Unsung Hero for her Leadership & Mentoring at the Security Serious Awards in October 2018.


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